Julia Celio is a Taylor Swift SUPER FAN or a 'Swiftie' as they so proudly call themselves. The 19-year-old from Manchester, New Hampshire has worshipped the pop star for over a decade. Her room looks like a Taylor Swift shrine. Her social media accounts are filled with Taylor updates, song clips and pics of the star.

Julia was invited to Taylor's home in Nashville for a very exclusive performance of her new album "Lover".

According to WMUR, Julie was in Tay Tay's house with a little over 100 other fans. Taylor was a few feet away and went through her entire new album, "Lover".

She shared with her fans a little bit about each song before performing, the news station reported, and then everyone got to take an individual photo and chat with Taylor for a few minutes.

Julia describes this as the best five minutes of her life. Taylor called her "Jules" like they were old pals and complimented her freckles calling them "the cutest thing ever".

It sounds like Julia's experience meeting her hero surpassed her expectations. So cool!

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