Last summer, America fell in love. In love with hard seltzers, and some of the companies that were rolling out those delicious adult beverages like Bon & Viv and White Claw, were swimming in cash. Because of the hard seltzer popularity surge, other major companies like Bud Light were eager to hop aboard the train and they did before the end of 2019. So what is 2020 going to bring us? More hard seltzers of course but this time, with a little bit of Maine charm.

That includes Sea Dog Brewing Company, who took to social media to announce that Sea Dog Hard Seltzer was officially a thing. The Sea Dog seltzers will come in three different flavors, including the ever-popular wild blueberry. The wild blueberry flavor is Sea Dog's best selling beer, and should transition extremely well to a hard seltzer. The second flavor Sea Dog announced was raspberry, another staple of their fruit line of beers that has always been a big hit.

Sea Dog Brewing announced it's final flavor of hard seltzer on Wednesday, which is Black Cherry. Some fans of the Sea Dog beer had hoped (quite vocally) that Sea Dog may find a way to make an apricot or Sunfish flavor of hard seltzer. It's not here not but never say never.

Sea Dog Brewing also announced that all three flavors of their new hard seltzer in six packs can be ordered for curbside pickup right now. Later this summer, they'll be available in variety 12 packs so all three flavors can be enjoyed.

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