According to News Center Maine, a whitewater river park could be just the thing to revitalize Skowhegan.

"Run of River" whitewater park will provide an opportunity for people to paddle, surf, kayak or tube the Kennebec River year round, the news station reported, and there will be a promenade with benches for chilling and enhanced fishing as well.

The Kennebec River has always been the focal point of Skowhegan and for years citizens have been looking for a way to capitalize on the river that was once used for transporting logs and harvesting ice. Main Street Skowhegan is developing the "Run of River" project after visiting other parks like it around the country, according to News Center Maine.

Maine's first whitewater park will cost about 5 million dollars and fundraising is underway, the news station reported. The park would be a huge economic boost for the area, drawing visitors from all over.

"Run of River" is expected to create 40 jobs and is scheduled to open the summer of 2020, according to News Center Maine.

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