I am an avid Walmart goer and shopper. I do this because they have the best prices around. However, the store is always packed and in order to get in and get out and spend as little money as possible they're are a couple tricks I have to remind myself to abide by.

First things first, what you wear will let others know if you are approachable or not. So I normally go with a hoodie and yoga pants. You want to be comfortable and warm, and this goes for all grocery stores when I say, it's always cold inside.

  • Speed walking
  • Cart Respect
  • Avoiding Pole Crashes
  • Avoiding Scams

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind to make your trip to the Auburn Walmart a little less stressful.

There are certainly ways to keep your trip short and non-dramatic. Just keep your head down and follow these rules I have mapped out for you below.

You can do it, I believe in you.

Maine Walmart Etiquette

Do you want to be the Indiana Jones of shopping at Walmart? Well, here are my tips for a fast and furious shopping experience at the Auburn Walmart. 

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