One store. One pole. Way too many accidents to sit down and count. Of course, I am talking about the infamous Walmart pole in Auburn, Maine. The pole that has taken down (well, really has been taken down) many vehicles with its beauty.

I feel that I hear too many stories about this pole. What actually leads drivers to go right into it? It's not like there is a sign there that says "hit here." I mean who knows, maybe someone chose to write it on the pole itself or on the backside of the stop sign above it, but I am not going anywhere near that pole to find out.

I mean come on, it is a bright yellow pole, how hard it is to see? It could be that people are rushing to get to a spot (we've all seen that before when we go out shopping) and just simply lose sight of the pole and only the vacant parking spot is in their line of sight.

I mean, the pole wasn't always yellow. Walmart actually was tired of people hitting the pole with their cars, so they actually put a bright green covering over it. Of course, that didn't stop drivers.

I could go on and on about the history of the Auburn, Maine, Walmart pole, but why would I when someone actually created a funny video about the history?

First off, the introduction of this video already had me hooked, "Let me tell you a tale, a tale of a creature that is known all across the state of Maine.[...] where a being so vile it lurks the parking lot it is feared by many."

Talk about a creepy introduction! The Walmart pole is made out to be some evil creature that awaits you. Is the Walmart pole cursed? Honestly, at this point, I believe that it is.

The video goes on to talk more about the history of the pole and the efforts made by Walmart to stop vehicles from hitting it, which obviously did not work out in anyone's favor. In the video, it is stated that approximately 54 cars have fell victim to the Walmart pole in Auburn, but I am not sitting down to go through every accident.

The story of the famous Walmart pole is probably far from over. Will there be a sequel to this comedic and fact-filled story? Who knows! However, I'm certain that the story will continue, and in it, we will learn that yet another car has struck the Walmart pole.

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