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If there's one thing about Mainers (and New Englanders in general, really), it's that we're a loyal bunch. We're the kind of people that could bar fight you one minute, but the second an outsider starts with you, we'll turn around and have each other's backs. It's just how we are.

In that regard, we're also super loyal to our local celebrities, especially ones that help us out on the daily by keeping us informed, like reporters. Adriana Sanchez is one of those reporters we're loyal to -- and right now, she needs our loyalty to help her family.

Valentine's Day House Fire

Even though she's from away, Adriana made Maine her home by way of Bristol, Connecticut -- where her family still lives. Tragically, that same family is now without a place to live as of last night, when tragedy struck and a house fire broke out at the family's 43 Murray Road home.

Adriana Sanchez
Adriana Sanchez


"Today my family lost everything in a fire. Everyone is okay."


A GoFundMe has been set up to help

On the one hand, in an industry that can literally take you anywhere across the country, Adriana is blessed to only be just over three hours away from her family. But in the same token, when you get a dreaded phone call from your family saying the entire house is on fire, just over three hours away turns into feeling like you're universes apart.

For her sake, Adriana kept a cool head and instead of feeling helpless, did what was quite possibly one of the only things in that situation that could make her feel helpful: she created a GoFundMe page to help her family out.

As of this writing, in just over 16 hours of the GoFundMe being in existence, almost $3,400 of the $5,000 goal that Adriana set has been raised. However, she said that the thing her family really needs most right now -- which makes sense considering it's felt like Antarctica in New England for the better part of 2022 -- is clothes.

Adriana Sanchez
Adriana Sanchez

But in general, especially after Adriana said that the house ended up catching fire once again in the middle of the night before her family was going to get any small thing possibly salvageable, they're in need of any and everything.

"My hope is that this [GoFundMe] can help my family buy school supplies, clothes, kitchen/living room."

Amidst everything, Adriana is thanking those who have generously donated, and thanking in advance any others that help as well. She also brings up a couple of points that we already know all too well:

"Mainers really are one of a kind. I’m just glad everyone is okay, things can be replaced, people can’t."

Again, if you can help Adriana -- a woman who decided to become a Mainer, knows how special this place is, and helps us every single day to stay informed -- and her family, the link to the GoFundMe is here. Any and everything is a massive help and greatly appreciated by Adriana and her family.

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