Is this your lovely wedding dress? Maine State Police would love to reunite it with its owner.

My imagination runs wild trying to figure out how this wedding dress ended up on the side of a highway. Perhaps, it belongs to a runaway bride who tossed her dress out of the car window as she fled the scene, after changing her mind about getting married. Is it a clue about a future rom-com being filmed in Maine? Or, will it be the next dress to go viral on social media as the world tries to figure out what color it is? We must have answers.

On its Facebook page, the state police said the dress was found between exits 1 and 2 of westbound I-395 in Bangor on Saturday morning. They also hinted that it may be slightly damaged.

If it is your wedding dress or you know who it belongs to, please contact the police so that they can solve this "Cinderella mystery." If the dress fits…

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