There's a lot of heavy stuff going on around us right now and sometimes we all need just a little humor to put a smile back on our faces. Unless of course, Maine's current Secretary of State, Matthew Dunlap, was completely serious about this hot take he posted on Facebook. In that case, we totally apologize for taking it as a joke.

As you can see, Dunlap gave his right-to-the-point opinion about not being named People Magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive' for 2020. Dunlap quips that he was passed over yet again and that the tally stands at 37 consecutive years of being overlooked and unnoticed. There's probably a few other people out there who can relate.

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The title of 'Sexiest Man Alive' instead went to Michael B. Jordan, who has been featured in televisions show like "The Wire" and "Friday Night Lights" and more recently has established himself as a force on the big screen with starring roles in movies like "Creed" and "Black Panther". That's a lot of screen time and notoriety, so it's not all that difficult to see why the Secretary of State from Maine didn't get the nod in 2020.

But there's always next year. Dunlap increases his profile and by this time in 2021, we could be asking the question, "can you believe it?". The great poet Kevin Garnett once stated "Anything is possible!". Yes, Kevin, we agree.

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