If you live in Northern New England, and you feel like your living expenses are high, you're not alone. A new study shows that Maine and New Hampshire rank as some of the least affordable states to live in.

The website theseniorlist.com set out to find the states that are most affordable to live in in 2019. And well, they sure didn't find much affordability in our neck of the woods.

New Hampshire came in second to last in percentage of average income taken by per-capita spending. Granite Staters spend an average of 94.4 percent of their income. Yikes! Only South Dakota ranked worse, at 100.9 percent. Which means they're actually spending more than they earn, on average.

Maine didn't do very well either, ranking 46th on the list at 91.3.

Wondering who ranks best? District of Columbia at 69.8%, Arizona at 70.5%, and Georgia at 73.5% are the most affordable states to live in.

Sure it's expensive to live here, but it's worth it...right? What do you think? Let us know, with a comment on the post!


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