Mary Jane in Maine

Maine is one of a handful of states on the cutting edge when it comes to finally legalizing marijuana use for recreational use, medical use, and retail sale of marijuana.

These days as soon as a retail space opens up a cannabis shop seems to move in. They’re everywhere. And the majority of these shops leave the stereotype of burnout hippie stoner behind. I remember the first time I drove by Highbrow in Manchester. At first glance, simply with the sign, I thought it could have been a gentleman’s club, a skilled builder, or a restaurant.

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Theory Wellness in South Portland looked like it could easily be a fitness/nutrition club or Apple Store.

Safe Use

Along with legalization, the State of Maine has various campaigns to encourage safe and smart use. Of course, discouraging minors from using as the legal age is 21. Marijuana is still a substance and like with alcohol it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence.

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Hilarious Mixed Message

News Center Maine Meteorologist Mike Slifer had a brilliant observation about the campaign to discourage driving while high, “Driving High = OUI”. On the surface, at least to English speakers, it makes perfect sense. Drive high and you’ll get slammed with operating under the influence.

Mike Slifer pointed out mixed messages to our French-speaking Mainers. Of which there are quite a few. (Bonjour!)

For those that don’t get it, “oui” in Fresh means yes therefore the message says “Driving High=YES”.

Of course, the exact opposite is true. The moral of the story, don’t drive while high as it’s considered to be operating under the influence.

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