Meet Doug.

He graduated from Erskine Academy in South China years ago. This is a story that many of us can relate to.

Do you remember when you worked really hard, saved up all your money for an item that you desperately wanted and when you bought it, you cherished for a long time.

Some of those sentimental things get lost a long the way, some are sold, but many of us keep them and look back at them with fond memories.

Doug is having this experience but we need your help trying to locate a very sentimental object of his. You in for the challenge?

Well, it all started when Doug bought a truck back in 2009, while he was in high school. It was his first ever truck, a 1988 Chevy single cab, short bed, step side 5 speed.

Doug and his dad worked on it day and night, every single night for 5 months straight. During the weekends, Doug worked at Hussey's General store in Windsor where he pumped fuel for drivers.

This was his first job and he put every penny he made into trying to get the truck on the road.

He bought break lines, motor swaps, and cross members.

After enjoying the time with his father and getting his truck on the road, he had many experiences with it. We all can relate to our very first car. The smell, the sound, the summer days, the break downs, and all the memories of where the car led us.

Doug regretfully sold the truck in 2011 to someone in Belfast. At the time the truck had a Black GMC grill in it, black-out wheels and the gentleman that bought it used it for a dump truck.

Now, many years later, Doug is exhaustively trying to buy his truck back.

That is if he can find it. That is where you come in. He posted his inquiry with a photo of him and the truck on the Kennebec, Maine Swap n Sell Facebook Page.

Doug Morgan via Facebook
Doug Morgan via Facebook

Doug told me,"Would love to get it back if I could and make it road worthy again, just the one thing that me and my dad both worked on just has that kind of value t me he’s still around but one day he won’t be so be sweet to have it for the rest of my time."

Doug added that he doesn't really know who the person was because it was by the bank and dealership in the town of Belfast on a back road. He's not sure of much else but as he said, it was definitely a dumb high school thing I did when I sold it.

He is very close with his father. He added that when his time comes, he definitely would like to this truck and that is why he has started his search and will not give up, until he finds the special vehicle that bonded him and his dad, forever.

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