I thought I had the best job in the world until I became a canine handler

Jake Voter, Maine Warden

These words were spoken by Warden, Jake Voter. His K9 is named, Koda and according to Jake, Koda is the most important part the team, according to News Center Maine.

That support is needed when you are looking for missing people. Every human counts, and in this case, every K9 counts. It was especially vital for the rescue of two missing people recently.

The article stated that the introduction of having K9s, has proven to be very important to what they are accomplishing and that's of situations like this.

Jake Voter via News Center Maine YouTube
Jake Voter via News Center Maine YouTube

According to the article, an 11-year-old girl from St. Albans was reported missing on Friday morning. Jake and Koda were able to find her in just a few hours due to Koda picking up and tracking her scent, as the article stated.

The rescue happened within the span of 72 hours. We all know that when someone goes missing, time is of the essence.

A statement from Jake read,

What happened last week probably will never happen again in my career, just the fact that we had the opportunity to search for two people in three days and they were in the area I was searching, that in it of itself is uncommon.

News Center Maine

The second rescue was for a 77-year-old in Bremen, Maine. She was also reported missing on Friday and was successfully rescued in the woods. She spent two days out there behind her house. The wardens said that when she was found she was dehydrated but alert.

Watch below for the full report from News Center Maine, YouTube

Without the help of K9s, who knows what would've happened. It is evident that Jake was very thankful for his position and his ability to assist Koda in rescuing missing persons.

Voter and Koda are only in their first two years as partners, but Voter said the bond is stronger than ever.

We try not to get too attached but it's hard not to ... we are a team, he's the most important part, sometimes I feel like I'm on the dumb end of the team, you have to trust your dog.

Jake Voter, News Center Maine

I am sure it is near impossible to not fall in love with a dog that rescues people. Jake and Koda are doing their part in keeping Maine safe and helping those in need!

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