According WGME Channel 13, over $5,000 worth of damages were caused and over a half a million bees damaged. This happened this past weekend to the Swan's Honey beehives located in Albion, Maine.

The article stated that sadly, hives were scattered on the ground and tire tracks were found on the ground after driving through the hives.

Swan's Honey via Facebook
Tire Tracks-Swan's Honey via Facebook

Their were photos posted on Swan's Honey's Facebook Page and they clearly show so much damage to this beautiful place.

Workers had found this damage when they went to check out how the bee's were doing. The bee's are housed in wooden pallets and the pallets hold anywhere between 50,000 to 60,000 bees, according to a spokesperson at Swan's.

You can do the math, That is a lot of bees.

Swan's Honey, WGME

Initially what was expected to have done the damage was a bear or some sort of animal but as the article states, there was zero evidence of bite marks or animal prints found.

There were no signs of bear damage like scratches, bite marks or signs that they were trying to get into the brood chamber of the hive — the hives were hit by a vehicle or ATV and scattered.

Swan's Honey, WGME

According to the article, a spokesperson from Swan's honey assumes that who ever damaged the property likely received many bee stings.

Swan's Honey via Facebook
Swan's Honey via Facebook

In addition this company provides education services to teach beekeeping and learning about the production of honey for others, as the article states.

This would be a sad thing to see happen anywhere, but it hurts a little more when it is right in our own home town with our own bees.

Swan's Honey, WGME

As the article says, they are attempting to salvage as much as they can.

This destructive vandalism to Swan's Honey bee farm has been reported to law enforcement and we will continue to keep an eye this closely.

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