If you believe what you read on the Maine Police And Fire Alerts page on Facebook, you just might think that the world will be coming to an end soon.

With posts claiming that the next snowstorm will bring three feet of snow, one hundred mile an hour winds, and that people will freeze to death, the page is a great example of why you should double check your sources when reading news online.

According to WCSH, the man behind the page (which has over 30,000 followers) is 23 year old Gregory Powers of Sabattus.

With a page name like Maine Police And Fire Alerts, it's easy to see how people could confuse this with an official and trustworthy news source.

He claims he's never been contacted by authorities asking for him to take his page down. Although WCSH contacted multiple department heads, who say they HAVE been in touch with him with requests to take it down.

Here are some of the more egregious posts we found on the page.

And here is WCSH's exclusive interview with Powers.

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