Many businesses have struggled in recent months due to COVID-19. One industry that appears to be thriving is the graphic designers, as well as poster, sign, and sticker makers of the world. You'd have to be living in a cave to not see the explosion of floor stickers encouraging social distancing, or directing you in the grocery store. Not to mention all the signs requiring mask-wearing.

One industry that has been hurt in particular is the restaurant industry. Aside from the more populous counties with community transmission of the virus, restaurants are able to reopen for inside dining as long as they follow certain guidelines.

Winnie's, located in Presque Isle is known for their burgers, seafood, and ice cream. Angela Pelkey Vieta shared some photos from her visit to the restaurant today where she encountered a groovy face, baby!

None other than the mojo man himself, Austin Powers is the one encouraging social distancing and is quite punny doing so. Well, unless you're the governor.

The restaurant does seem to be taking a jab at Governor Mills by adding to the floor sticker "This notice has been brought to you by Governor Mills," as well as reserving a table just for her.

While the intent of the character usage hasn't been confirmed or denied by the restaurant, Governor Mills has gone viral in memes comparing her appearance to that of Austin Powers.

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