Meet Adelynn

Adelynn has faced more in her young years than many of us will in a lifetime. At just 5 years old she was diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. A battle hard-fought and won being declared cancer-free over 2 years later.

Unfortunately, young Adelynn's fight isn't over as she recently relapsed. She has been getting great care from those at the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital, and the Maine Children's Cancer Program Clinic, but the road hasn't been easy between medication, biopsies, chemo, a blood infection, and other complications.

Super Hero Mom

Her mother Bridget has been doing her best to keep a positive outlook and take the best care she can for young Adelynn. Bridget works in Brunswick as a hairstylist which has been extremely difficult during the pandemic. The risk of in close proximity to possibly infected people with an immunocompromised child at home is beyond difficult. Mom needs to work to take care of Adelynn but the worry of the risk is a burden she carries.

Then Bridget faced medical issues of her own ending up in the Intensive Care Unit with pulmonary embolism and has put her out of work for the time being.

How to help

There is a Go Fund Me page to help these two ladies get through these medical trials. Adelynn is absolutely a fighter and Bridget her biggest cheerleader. While worrying about the medical stressors the community is asking people to help mom Bridget not have to worry about financial stressors so she can fully focus on her own health and Adelynn's. Donate to the Go Fund Me here and follow Adelynn's Angels on Facebook to keep up with her progress and fundraisers.

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