Yesterday was Veterans Day and I was lucky enough to meet Kat Pinkham. She imagines the best version of herself and shows up as exactly that, every single day. Kat's the National SLICC Ambassador 2021 for the USA Ambassador Pageant.

Ladies and gentle dudes, I’d love to introduce you to her and what she is all about.  The world is changing and that includes the world of pageants. We no longer are only looking for tall, thin, and "perfect". Outside beauty is no longer more important than inner beauty. Maine has found that in Kat.

So toddlers and tiaras called, they want their flippers back because things are changing in the world of pageants.

Kat via Facebook

Kat was able to open up to me about the work she does. She sorrowfully was abused as a child and her father was not in the picture. Her step-father jumped in and was her world. He sadly had a heart attack in 2008 and passed away.

Now, this may seem like a tragic story, however after every storm comes a rainbow, and the rainbow that Kat carries is bright as hell.

Kat works with Veterans. She met a man named Charlie at breakfast one morning and he instantly became her favorite person in the whole wide world. He filled a void in her life that was left empty by her father when he willingly left.

Now, this is where Kat's platform comes in, Charlie suffered from PTSD and suicidal thoughts and she lost him in 2015 in a tragic ATV accident. He passed away close to her wedding.

Kat not only powered through the devastating loss she went through in her life, but she conquered it and turned her sadness into hope for others.

She has dedicated her platform and all the work she does, for Charlie so that his memory and legacy of helping Veterans lives on through her.

Kat is extremely patriotic and brings awareness to,  "22A Day" which is the number of Veterans we lose to suicide every day. She has been involved with pageants since 2018 and she celebrated her first national title.


Her love of remembering Charlie helps her to support and work with many organizations that support our military. From motorcycle groups, the Maine National Guard to her Legion Post 202 in Topsham. Because of how much she's represented her country and community she has won 2 Gold Presidential Service Awards from the past 2 years.

"I work to help our nations hero’s but to also help every girl like me who is told she’s ugly, worthless, and can’t do it and that yes, she can do it. It has been done before. "

Kat Pinkham

Not only does she focus on helping Veterans, she also encourages young women to be proud of themselves because the pageant world is changing and ladies, it's more than just about our looks now!

Kat is an example of perseverance and pride. She has not only gotten through tough times, but she's also turned her life into an expression of self-confidence and carries dignity, with her chin up, smile bright, and light shining for all of us to feel.

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