There is a solid chance I'm 100% going to drive up to Augusta to check out this haunt, and probably also a 100% chance I'll need a change of underwear after I go through it.

If you haven't heard, according to WMTW, a local car wash is getting in touch with their inner frights for the next two weekends, and I'm SO here for it! Because the state of the world in 2020 is a big bag of awful still, and a lot of us aren't able to do what we'd normally be doing around this time of year (going to haunted houses, throwing Halloween parties), Fast Eddie's Express Car Wash decided to provide entertainment AND do some good.

This weekend (Friday, October 23 and Saturday, October 24) and next weekend (Friday, October 30 and Saturday, October 31), Fast Eddie's is hosting a haunted car wash from 6p-9p after their normal business hours (they usually close at 7p).

Most importantly, it will be 100% COVID-friendly.

Owner Edward Goff told WMTW that they figured hosting a haunted car wash, where customers will obviously be going through while in their cars with the windows up, will bring some normalcy to the Halloween season in a safe and fun way, while also doing some good.

The good part comes in with the fact that proceeds will be donated to area food banks through Camp Out Hunger. More specifically, of the $19 you'll be required to pay for their Extreme Plush Wash (and a ton of clowns trying to get into your car -- no, seriously, the haunt is clown-themed), $5 will be donated, the news station reported.

Honestly, and I've mentioned this before, for all the BAD, HORRIBLE, and HEARTBREAKING that COVID has brought, it's also forced us to think outside of the box when it comes to living life. Hopefully, Fast Eddie's haunted car wash goes great the next couple of weekends, and no matter the state of the world for next Halloween and future ones, we'll see it come back.

Hopefully they'll also eventually offer a not-so-haunted detailing at the end of their haunted car wash, for those that get, ya know -- "too scared."

(For comparison, this is what a non-haunted car wash from Fast Eddie's looks like.)

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