Nowadays, the word on everyone's lips is MARIJUANA. Is it legal? Or is it illegal? Well, if you ask the state of Maine, it is very legal. But, the Trump administration says 'not so fast.' Or according to federal law, it is illegal to posses any marijuana. But, on a state to state basis, if it is voted in, it is legal. Maine towns and representatives are still trying to figure out just how to sell marijuana. I am not big on law 'mumbo jumbo', so please click here to get a full and accurate description of what is happening currently with legalizing marijuana in Maine. I prefer the fun side of legalizing marijuana.

One major factor in letting it be 'cool' to smoke it is that no one under the age of 21 can. Just say no kids. Today, I found this adorable video of an innocent little girl who is a bit confused about what exactly 'weed' is. She explains to her father that she has told her teacher that there is 'A LOT' of weed at her house. The teacher even spoke with the parents! And, her explanation is priceless. Pretty sure her parents let out a big 'phew' afterwards!

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