Lady Gaga completely blew away the 2019 Met Gala red carpet with multiple outfit changes on Monday (May 6) night.

Gaga once again proved why she is a fashion icon performing her outfit changes on the Met Gala pink carpet while photographers captured every moment.

Gaga first shut down a literal street with her legion of assistants helping carry her bright pink gown.

Everyone appreciated her look on the red carpet with assistants still carrying her dress around and bringing it to life. But she did not finish her look there.

Gaga went onto take off her pink gown to reveal a black gown underneath. She grabbed a black umbrella to complete the all black ensemble.

Underneath the black gown, was another pink gown that was form-fitting to which Gaga used an old-school prop cell phone to walk down the red carpet with.

You would think after three outfit changes that would be campy enough, not for Gaga! She then donned a two-piece black bathing-suit-like outfit. She used a pink and gold wagon to carry her fragrance from her own Hause of Gaga brand. Bravo Gaga, bravo!

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