Lady Gaga took a tumble outside West Hollywood restaurant Pump late last night (August 12), but thankfully, a white convertible was there to break her fall.

According to TMZ, Gaga was being dutifully led to her car by restaurant owner Lisa Vanderpump when Gaga completely missed her footing and fell down into the curb. Rather than succumb to the embarrassment and lay down before the paparazzi in defeat, she masterfully turned the moment into photo op. Someone helped Gaga up and, after quickly composing herself, she made this face at photographers:

Lady Gaga


We can't say for certain what ultimately contributed to Gaga's fall -- her dress is very long and maybe alcohol was involved, plus those lights from the incessant camera flashes look blinding, but who knows! Does it even matter? Watching people fall brings high entertainment value, unless said person is very old or dies in the process. The best is when a young, healthy person who you know personally and hate vehemently falls on an escalator because they are stuck in a perpetual tumble. It's like a metaphor for life. Hell is other people.

You can watch Gaga fall against her car in the video above. Do you like watching people fall down? Have you ever seen someone fall with as much finesse as Lady Gaga? Do you think this is what she meant when she said "artpop" could mean anything? Chime in.

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