Has Lady Gaga's confirmed Chromatica album track list leaked in full online?

The album cover for the Target exclusive album was shared on the site's web store on Wednesday (April 22). Lucky for Little Monsters, the mobile page temporarily revealed the album's apparent track list via a digital sticker on the left side of the album artwork.

According to what could be seen (though, to be fair, the font even when zoomed in was quite small), Gaga's upcoming album appears to feature previously rumored collaborations with artists like Ariana Grande, Blackpink and Elton John.


The album cover on the Target web store has since be updated to a temporary cover that does not include the sticker track list, indicating that the original upload was likely an accident.

Earlier this year, it was speculated that the 34-year-old pop icon was working with Grande after a magazine revealed that there was a collaboration with a fellow female pop diva. Fans quickly became convinced that it was the "7 Rings" singer based on the description.

Blackpink rumors emerged after the girl group's label released a statement neither confirming nor denying a collaboration between the group and Gaga.

Blackpink will reportedly be featured on a track titled "Sour Candy," while Grande appears to be featured on a song called "Rain On Me."

See the alleged full track list below, though please note Gaga's team has yet to confirm whether or not this list is accurate:

1. “Chromatica I”
2. “Alice”
3. “Stupid Love”
4. “Rain On Me” (ft. Ariana Grande)
“5. Free Woman”
6. “Fun Tonight”.
7. “Chromatica II”
8. “911”
9. “Plastic Doll”
10. “Sour Candy” (ft. BLACKPINK)
11. “Enigma”
12. “Replay”
13. “Chromatica III”
14. “Sine From Above” (ft. Elton John)
15. “1,000 Doves”
16. “Babylon”
17. “Love Me Right” (Bonus)
18. “1,000 Doves” (Piano Version) (Bonus)
19. “Stupid Love” (Vitaclub Warehouse Mix) (Bonus)

via Target
via Target

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