When you were a kid, there were few things as satisfying on a hot summer day then devouring one of those ice cold popsicles straight from the back of your freezer. You know the ones we're talking about, they came in flavors like red, orange, purple and green (they were all open to interpretation). So what are you to do on those hot summer days as an adult? Well, one restaurant in Kennebunkport have the perfect answer for you.

Shared on Facebook by The Boathouse Waterfront Hotel and Restaurant,  their frozen concoctions are just like you remember from your childhood...kinda. Instead of nondescript flavors, The Boathouse is offering up different choices for you to pair with one of their delicious meals for a perfect curbside happy hour. On their website, they list a gin and tonic popsicle as an option. Judging by the photo, they've found a way to make some other flavors as well. If we had to guess, strawberry margarita and sex on the beach?

As a summertime-feeling heat wave looks like it's on the horizon, treating yourself to a frozen cocktail popsicle sounds like the perfect adult way to act like a kid again. Oh, and just like your mother always told you, you're not allowed to have too many of these things at once. Cheers!

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