If you’re not certain of how to help your child lose weight, check this out.

Fisher Price is introducing an exercise bike for kids called the “Think and Learn” Smartcycle.   No kidding.  The Smart Cycle resembles a stationary bike, shrunk down to kid-size (ages 3-6) and gamified in exactly the same way that adult stationary bikes have been doing for years. Fisher-Price calls it a "physical / digital play experience."

The bike connects to tablets or a TV over Bluetooth (though the TV connectivity options are currently limited to Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Android TV). As children peddle and steer, they traverse their way through educational games that reinforce reading and math skills. The starter game is free, and additional games—including a pack of Nickelodeon-licensed games—are available for download starting at $4.99.

No training wheels or outdoors required.  With all the amazing "outdoor" experiences available to kids in Maine and New Hampshire let's hope parents choose to buy a State Park pass instead of this.