Why would anyone want to drink beer, while taking a shower?

It must be a "guy thing." … Even though I have been known to drink a glass of wine while taking a bubble bath. I guess it's a similar concept.

A company in Sweden, Pang Pang Brewery, just designed the first beer that's specifically made to drink in the shower, appropriately called "Shower Beer." (I suppose you could have it in the tub, as well.)

The makers thought of almost every possible convenience: The bottle is designed to fit in a shower caddy. It's only six ounces, so you can finish it in three sips. It's 10% alcohol, which is high for beer, so you'll get a quick pre-buzz before you go out and get your drink on.

I wouldn't buy it, but a lot of serious beer lovers are very excited about Shower Beer. It reportedly sold out on the website Behance. But don't despair! Pang Pang is making more.

What's next? A brewski pill you can take in tablet form because you don't have time to drink it?

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