Some folks might say that school districts in Northern New England are canceling school due to snowstorms more often than they did back in the day. And while that might be the case, it's important to remember that the decision is made primarily for the safety of the children. So while it may be an inconvenience for the parents to have to scramble for an alternative plan, it's certainly better than risking it, especially when the snowy roads make it difficult for buses to get around. But according to the Portland Press Herald, there's a school in Maine that hasn't had a single snow day in over three years!

Despite having some significant snow storms that have been enough to call a snow day for most schools in the area, Forest Hills Consolidated Schools in Jackman hasn't had to. It's doesn't necessarily have to do with the amount of snow the town gets, but it's more because it's such a small town, and all of the students live relatively close to the school. Some students will even opt to ride a snowmobile into school.

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