New Hampshire has always been a relatively safe state in regards to violent crime, especially compared to the rest of the country.

The idyllic small towns and miles of green space prove to be a haven for a peaceful existence, and a recent survey lands New Hampshire as one of the safest states for its residents.

Property crime rates are down 13% from last year, and are still 50% lower than the national average.  Violent crimes rates in the Granite State are 65% lower than the national average, so there's good reason the people of New Hampshire should feel safe. says 28% of residents do not use any form of property protection.

For those who do protect their property in New Hampshire, the measures of security most often used are security cameras, guard dogs, and firearms.  The most frequently-cited problem is package theft, followed by property crime.

33% of New Hampshire respondents said they carry a concealed firearm for personal protection, compared with 41% nationally.

Top 10 Safest Cities in New Hampshire

Let's look at the safest cities with regards to crime, as compiled by the FBI.

1.)  Danville - Debuting at #1 for the first time, with 4,500 residents. Zero burglaries and zero violent crimes last year.

2.)  Strafford - Population of 4,300. Zero burglaries.

3.)  Hopkinton - Population of 6,000. Zero burglaries. Zero violent crimes.

4.)  Rye - Population of 5,500. Zero violent crimes.

5.)  Enfield -  Northernmost "safest city", close to Vermont border. Population of 4,500. Zero violent crimes.

6.)  Stratham - Population of 7,800.

7.)  Litchfield - Population of 8,500.

8.)   Kingston - Population of 6,200.

9.)  Brentwood - Population of 4,600. Zero burglaries.

10.) Auburn - Jumped 31 spots to land in top 10 this year. Population of 6,100. Zero burglaries.

Four of the safest cities reported zero violent crimes: Danville, Hopkinton, Rye, and Enfield.  Every safest city reported less than one violent crime per 1,000 people.

Congratulations, New Hampshire!

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