The eclipse is coming in hot, and if you are venturing out to see this epic event (or if you are close to its path), keep in mind that not all of your friends will understand what is happening.

We are talking about your furry friends, who don't know what's coming with the darkening of our surroundings in the middle of the day.  Sure, they have instincts, and know something is up. But you, as their owner, should be aware of keeping them safe and anxiety-free with these tips from Granite State Dog Recovery.

1.  Keep your pets on a leash to prevent them from wandering off in the crowds.
2.  Ensure your pets have a collar with a visible name tag and a working phone number.
3.  Avoid letting pets roam freely in unfamiliar areas to prevent them from getting lost.
4.  Plan ahead to avoid any potential tragic situations and make this experience  enjoyable for everyone.
Also, GSDR reminds pet owners there is limited or no cell service in parts of northern New Hampshire and Maine, so be aware of your surroundings and plan safety actions in case of an emergency.
In addition, the best safety measure is to keep your pet indoors during the eclipse.
According to,
This not only shields them from the direct effects of the eclipse but also reduces the risk of them becoming startled by the sudden darkness and potentially running away or injuring themselves.
Help avoid stress and confusion for your pet by taking good measures to always protect them.

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