For so many, a trip to Maine in the summer can include delicious food, a trip to the beach, a hike in the mountains, and of course, fighting off swarms of mosquitos trying to devour every inch of you.

Mosquito season throughout New England is an annual tradition. Typically arriving in May, natives and visitors get to spend the majority of the summer bathing in bug spray and attempting to avoid quarter-sized welts on their bodies.

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If you've been through bad mosquito seasons in the past, you know how awful it can be. And according to the FW, Maine, Massachusetts, and the rest of New England is in line for an unbearable mosquito season for 2024 that will likely start early.

The reason is solely based on the weather. Last summer, Maine saw plenty of wet but warm conditions; ripe for mosquitos to breed. Instead of a bitterly cold winter, this winter was one of the warmest on record.

Combine those two factors, and the number of mosquitos could triple over normal summers. And they're likely to start showing up in numbers by April.


It's not just the number of mosquitos that is scary, either. The turbulent climate around the country has led to disease-carrying mosquitos moving to new areas. Last summer was the first time reported cases of EEE, the Jamestown Canyon virus, and West Nile virus all showed up in the same season.

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That's because there were more mosquitos in 2023 than usual. Which makes the promise of even more mosquitos on top of that downright frightening. Despite their diminutive size, mosquitos remain the most deadly animal on the planet.

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