I love to cook.

There's nothing like spending quality time putting together a meal for the family or just your myself. I can spend entire days in the kitchen, I just love it so much.

With that being said, it shouldn't surprise you that I spend a vast amount of time looking for new recipes to follow and new meals to discover.

One food website I frequent is allrecipes.com. It's a monster in the recipe sharing game. From basic recipes to some far-out creations, All Recipes never seems to disappoint. Plus, the user grading scale seems to be on point.

The site also has some rather fun analytics, like one I discovered recently. It was a list of the most popular signature dishes from each state. It's a truly unique look at food trends from across the country, including right here in Maine.

Of course, I assumed Maine's would be a lobster roll, clam chowder, fisherman's platter, or maybe even some baked beans. However, I was not even close.

The runaway most popular Maine recipe is Downeast Pumpkin Bread.

Wait, what?

That's the most popular?

Getty Images
Getty Images

Listen, I mean no disrespect. I love pumpkin bread, but it just seems so far away from what should be the most popular. I mean the fact that lobster isn't a part of this, let alone any seafood, is shocking.

But we do have to remember a good portion of this country is not that into seafood, or the availability of ingredients is sparse. I would also guess breads and sweets are typically looked up quite often.

The pumpkin bread recipe was posted by Laurie Fontaine Bennett, and has over 10,000 ratings. The average score is a 4.8 out of 5. That's quite a score for having so many ratings.

Congrats to Laurie for the outstanding recipe. I look forward to making this for the Thanksgiving table. I feel like I should, since its now Maine's most popular dish.

Lobster? Never heard of it.

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