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I can't tell you how many hours I have wasted devoted my life to food-oriented television programming. Realty shows, game shows, travel shows, holiday shows, the concept doesn't matter. If it's about food, I'll give it a shot.

It's also a wonderful way to discover restaurants in towns or places of travel interest.

However, nothing beats when a restaurant or chef from Maine is featured. I don't know if it's the collective chip on Mainers' shoulders, but the level of pride can't be measured.

Maine Food Scene

It is special, though. Maine has a tremendous food reputation. Portland has become very trendy over the last decade. Chefs from Maine have competed on hit shows like Chopped and Top Chef. Even Biddeford was named one of the next best food cities in America. Maine is absolutely killing it.

Maine Restaurants on Television

Below is a closer look at 20 Maine restaurants that have proudly been featured nationally on the popular foodie television shows, including Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Best Thing I Ever AteFood Paradise, Drinking Made Easy, and Man v. Food.

There's no surprise that things trend heavily to seafood, specifically lobster dishes. Lobster is Maine currency, so it's a totally legit strategy by the show-runners.

But there's much more to Maine's cuisine than seafood, and that comes through, whether it be pizza, potato donuts, beer, fresh ingredients, and more.

Is one of your favorite restaurants on the list? Ready to find new favorites?

20 Maine Restaurants That Have Been Featured on National Television Shows

Here's a list of 20 prominent Maine restaurants that have been featured on national television shows. This is a great representation of Maine's incredible food scene.

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Gallery Credit: Chris Sedenka

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