In Maine, you'll find a lot of differing opinions on how camping is defined and how it should be enjoyed. One group will tell you camping is simply the bare essentials, from a tent to water to light rations.

Others may tell you that camping in Maine consists of a trailer or motorhome with electricity, water, plumbing, and internet. It sounds like the comforts of home, but you just happen to be enjoying it in the woods.

Somewhere in between those two definitions is glamping, a trend that has been sweeping the nation over the last decade. It take what many would consider "traditional" camping, and makes it far more glamourous.

Facebook via OHI
Facebook via OHI

According to Time Out, there's a handful of campgrounds in the United States that have upped their glamping offerings better than others. And one of them can be found right in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Time Out has named Sandy Pines as one of the five best glamping spots in America. The campground is already popular with traditional campers who want to be close to all the surrounding towns like Wells and Ogunquit, as well as nearby beaches and attractions.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But Sandy Pines has gone all-in on a wide array of glamping options for those on a budget and those who are not. The campground features some couples' glamping tents, loaded with a king-sized bed, mini-fridge, and air conditioning.

But on top of that, a glamping adventurer can rent one of their unique offerings. A chance to spend the night inside of a glass house (don't throw rocks), a chuck wagon, or even a shepherd's hut. Sandy Pines has gone above and beyond, which is why they're one of the most sought-after glamping destinations in America.

Sandy Pines is now open for the 2024 season. 

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