That time of the year is here again. Snow, ice, and sleet are coating the roads throughout the state of Maine. The City of Augusta released a statement on their Facebook page asking just four things from drivers out on the road.

Most would consider the requests to be common sense and not just in play during the months, but with the roads becoming slippery, it's a good time to throw out the reminder.

It's unfortunate to see drivers putting themselves and others in danger at any time of the year, but it's scary, to say the least, to see it happening during or shortly after the roads are greased up. Speeding and not allowing enough room between you and other drivers is an accident waiting to happen, especially this time of year.

The "be kind" and "be patient" is a nice addition as well. I feel like not giving yourself enough time to get where you need to be is where these common etiquette fall by the wayside. We've all been in that situation where we think we've left Point A in enough time to get to Point B. Morning and drive time traffic are always a couple of things to keep in mind and obviously, bad road conditions slow down traffic tremendously.

Paying close attention to the road and giving yourself some extra time will keep you and others more safe and calm, and in most cases, keep middle fingers safely placed on the steering wheel instead of out the window.

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