With no explanation, DaVinci's Eatery on Mill Street in Lewiston closed its doors.

That started speculation as to why on Facebook. It was in response to the post explaining that 'due to unforeseen circumstances', they closed temporarily.


A few days later, they took to Facebook once again to explain why. It was one complaint and they took immediate action:

We are sorry for closing our doors unexpectedly this past Saturday. Cancelling gatherings and celebrations at the last minute, (not to mention date nights and family nights), broke our hearts because we know the inconvenience and hardship it caused.
Our community has always been behind us, and we want to be as forthright with you as possible. On Saturday, January 6th, we received word from the State that an individual made a formal complaint about the sighting of a roach in our kitchen. The complaint prompted an inspection from the City of Lewiston that day, and we closed voluntarily and immediately.
Most restaurants, including DaVinci’s, have active pest control programs. In fact, it has been a part of our commitment to serving quality food since 1996. We have an ongoing relationship with the excellent Pine State Pest, who has and continues to work with us to review our pest mitigation system. We are actively complying with all health and safety protocols required by the City and State. Our kitchen and equipment have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Please know that we work tirelessly to exceed industry standards for health and food safety.

We also have a strong working relationship with our City and are accustomed to frequent inspections. Please know that we continue to take good care of the DaVinci’s team, despite the closure, and will support our 60-person staff throughout the closure.
As for when our doors will open again, we’re hoping it will be soon – within the week. We will keep you updated as we receive more information.


This disclosure is remarkable!

I find this Facebook post remarkable for a couple of reasons: that they have committed to full transparency when they most certainly didn't have to, and have also committed to taking care of their staff (60 plus!) while they are closed.

Facebook has responded in kindness, and has DaVinci's back. I have never been to DaVinci's in Lewiston, but as soon as they open their doors, I will be first in line.

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