With winter beginning to come to an end in Maine (if it even really truly arrived), lots of Mainers, residents, and even people from away are starting to look forward to summer activities that we're known for in the area.

Trips to the Old Orchard Beach Pier, laying out on any of the other gorgeous beaches throughout the state, boat days with friends and family on Sebago, camping, hiking -- any outdoor activity that allows us to thrive.

Including, visiting one of Maine's most beloved and most affordable hot spots.

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Google Maps

Narrow Gauge Cinemas, Farmington, Maine

For over three decades, Mainers and even people from away have flocked to Farmington to take in a movie night with family or friends on the cheap.

Because where movie theaters across the country now charge upwards of around $20 for one ticket to one movie, owner John Moore has kept the prices from the '90s alive at Narrow Gauge Cinemas, charging just $7 for adults and $5 for children.

In fact, back in October 2023, John went a bit viral after refusing to show the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie at Narrow Gauge Cinemas because the price point sent by the agent being almost triple what John usually charges.

And thankfully for us, John feels the same way about viewing outdoor movies, as well.

Google Maps / Narrow Gauge Cinema via Facebook
Google Maps / Narrow Gauge Cinema via Facebook

Narrow Gauge Drive-In

During the warmer months, generally anytime between May and September, customers to Narrow Gauge Cinemas have a second option to watch movies on the cheap, the massive drive-in movie screen that overlooks Sandy River.

Recently, John took to the official Facebook page for Narrow Gauge Cinemas to announce the return of the Narrow Gauge Drive-In for the season...well, sort of.

While no official, hard date is listed for the return of the drive-in, further down in the comments section, John mentioned when asked about the actual date that it should be, "April ish, unless winter finally arrives."

For comparison, the drive-in opened in mid-May of 2023. And even if we have to wait until then, we should honestly be grateful that we're still getting a Narrow Gauge Drive-In season at all, considering back in mid-December 2023, part of the screen and three of the five drive-in rows were underwater after the Sandy flooded out due to the extreme weather.

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