Lib's Dairy Treats

Normally, when you think of Lib's Dairy Treats in Portland, Maine, it's thoughts of sunshine and hot, summer weather.

After spending a weekend running around outside with friends, laying out in the sun by the lake or on the beach, or just putting in a full day of yardwork, there's no better way to cool off in the hot Maine summer weather than a cup or coneful of Lib's Dairy Treats deliciousness to your face.

But, while normally you think of Lib's and summer comes to mind, they make sure to keep dishing out their delicious treats throughout the year.

Google Maps / Photo by Kelsey Booth on Unsplash / bhofack2
Google Maps / Photo by Kelsey Booth on Unsplash / bhofack2

Lib's Dairy Treats Winter Pop Ups

After they fully close for the season (full time, anyway), Lib's will still surprise us here and there with random pop ups throughout the winter, where they'll open their windows to customers for the occasional 7-hour day.

And while they've done it sporadically throughout the last few months, Lib's recently announced their final winter pop up of the season.

And if you're a big fan of Valentine's treats in general, or more specifically, Valentine's treats specifically made by Lib's, you're going to live your best life with how they're "keeping the LOVE alive" once last time.

And while it may be a bummer that Lib's final pop up of the winter is this coming Saturday, February 24, the good news is -- we may be just a few weeks away from Lib's opening back up fully for the year!

Because, for what it's worth, even though there's been no official word on a 2024 full opening day yet, their opening day for 2023 was on March 11 -- so, we could be close to getting all the Lib's, all the time!

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