Nick Knowlton was born in Lewiston in 1951, and went on to have a musical career that included the song 'Oh Lewiston'.

Nick passed away in the summer of 2017 after a short fight with cancer. According to the Sun Journal, Linda Doucette Scott (also from Lewiston) said at the time,

Nick touched the lives of so many. He is the true epitome of a man who dedicated his life to others and our community. He will be greatly missed by all. My deepest condolences to his family.

Nick had a brush with national fame when his version of a Beatles song, 'Dear Prudence' cracked the top 100 back in 1975. He recorded it with his band, Katfish.

He also penned the infamous Marden's jingle, which you have stuck in your head if you have any Maine in you.

I shoulda bought it, when I saw it at Marden's!

For all the songs, weddings, and jingles he performed, he also penned a song about his home of Lewiston, Maine, called, 'Oh Lewiston'. It seems appropriate to have this one get a little attention right now.

You can tell a native wrote it. It starts with the lyrics,

This town was built by the strength of working hands, by hearts and souls with a sacred plan to build a town that would always stand for family and home.

And it stood every test you could give a town through the longing years when the mills shut down. It was built on faith and in faith it found a way to carry on.

Oh, Lewiston, you move like a mighty river. Onward forever with your shoulder to the stone.

I think it's a nice gift that Nick left all of Maine, but especially Lewiston...especially right now.

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