This is the stuff that keeps us humbled, and I love to see it happening for a Mainer. As I'm sure you saw all over the TV this past weekend, one of our very own, Julia Gagnon from Cumberland, Maine, landed herself on American Idol. Not only did she pass her audition and first round on the show, but she's now headed to Hollywood's second round of American Idol with a platinum ticket in her hand.

Truthfully, there are all sorts of heartwarming takeaways from this chicka's performance, including the beautiful story of how she found her birth mother, who gave her the strength to sing about it. A truly inspiring story.

While you were watching Julia's episode, I want to make sure you didn't look past how absolutely incredible it is to hear these words come from of one of the most talented women in the industry, Katy Perry.

As WMTW highlights, after Julia's performance, Katy Perry said,

 “I loved that. Look, you've got several soul singers inside of you not just one. You could go really far. You could be Top 10.”

Even Ryan Seacrest felt he needed to extend his feelings about her on his social media:

Here's her story if you haven't watched this sweet girl's performance yet:

Katy Perry, one of the most powerful artists in the game, told Julia she could be in the top 10 on American Idol. If that doesn't make you want to crush more of your own goals, then I'm not sure what could.

I love watching women get the recognition they deserve for their talents, and Julia deserves every bit of her American Idol success. Maine is so proud, and cheering for her.

If anybody knows a way to effectively contact this Cumberland girly, please let me know, as I'd love to put her on my show so she can continue representing Mainers and the powerful women in our state.

Thank you, Julia, for representing Maine in such a talented and sincere way. You are a force to be reckoned with.

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