Can my powerful ladies please stand up? Congratulations to Juliann Joy, the founder of Café Luna, who just opened up Scarborough's newest cafe. We love a good hometown success story.

It's called Cafe Luna, and they have officially opened to the public as of 1/23.

Here's a little background behind all the deliciousness, as quoted on

"At Café Luna, we believe food can serve a far greater purpose than to simply fill our stomachs. The ‘right’ food nourishes our souls, and strengthens our connection to the earth. We work with local farmers and merchants throughout New England to source our products and ingredients with sustainability at the forefront of our minds. Supporting locally sourced businesses is more than giving back to our communities; it is about consciously taking strides to decrease our carbon footprint while providing fresh, healthy, and environmentally-friendly products".

There's just something about a woman-run business that really entices me to try it, especially after learning about where their sources come from. Right up on their website, they break it all down for you:

"We utilize compostable to-go packaging with a commitment to being ‘zero waste’ to the customer for an enjoyable experience that makes a real impact. We believe Café Luna can make a meaningful and sustainable difference in our community."

Congrats ladies!

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