Maine has continuously proven itself to be ever-changing in the last five-ish years. From restaurant and bar turnovers to building many new apartment complexes and condos, you name it, and Maine seems to be going after it. There's tons of future plans that have been thrown out on social media and by word of mouth that I figured I'd gather them all here as a little mid-winter pick me up.

1. A new public green space near Portland's eastern waterfront
You know that space near the Maine State Pier downtown that seemingly does nothing more than take up parking space? Well according to the portlandpressherald, 2.1 million dollars is being invested by federal funding to help make better use of this land and keep our city connected with our own waterfront.

2. A never-before-seen Portuguese seafood-inspired restaurant opening by summer
One of my favorite places to grab a steak on a fancy date night is Evo in Portland or Twelve, both of which are under the same ownership umbrella. The new restaurant, which will be nestled along the shoreline of the waterfront, is the new sister restaurant to Twelve & Evom, according to portlandoldport. Keep an eye out for a place called Duoro.

Here's some more details I found about the future Duoro.

3. Another location of Foley's gym is opening
This one comes from word of mouth, but I was told by a credible source that the owners of Foley's gym in Scarborough are planning to expand. We're uncertain where the location may be, but it is absolutely in the works. Yay!

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