This dog-wash discovery has made my life owning an adventurous 100-pound pup in downtown Portland so much easier. Let me put you onto one of the most convenient inventions for pet owners that I've ever come across in my life.

Crystal Clean & Clear Dog Wash in South Portland

Their website says,

"Attach the leash provided and clean your dog with ease. We use Tropiclean grooming products which are made with natural ingredients for a fresh, happy, healthy pet".

You know those times where you bring your dog on a hike or to the beach and you know the second you get home you're gonna have to throw them in the bath? The problem is, it's never that easy. Dirt and sand drags everywhere from the time you walk in the door to the time their bath is over. Even then, you still have to worry about their wet fur on your furniture. Here's what mine looks like in the summertime, HAHA:


That's where this walk-in wash comes in so clutch. It's a huge DIY animal bathtub with its own shampoo and conditioner spouts. It also has a DIY blowdryer so that your car seats won't end up damp on the drive home.

There's no contact with anybody, but the card reader swipes your card and allows you to continue to use the services up until you're done. There's no time restraint on the blowdryer like a typical carwash, but just be careful. Since it charges your card by the minute, those minutes add up fast!

Maverick loves this place so much that he jumps out of my jeep and into the big tub without me even asking. I've never seen anything like it, but thanks for making being a pet mom so much easier!

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