DaVinci’s Eatery on Mill Street in Lewiston had to close temporarily, and it's set the internet on fire.

With no explanation, DaVinci's closed on Saturday with no date on when it might reopen or why it closed. They put on their Facebook page,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are closed. We do not have a specific time at which we can reopen. Our sincerest apologies to everyone whose plans will be affected this weekend.


The Facebook post has over 200 comments and a lot of fighting and speculation. The Sun Journal reports that a sign hangs in the door saying it's 'temporarily closed'. The Sun Journal also reported that Angelynne Amores, Lewiston’s Director of Marketing and Communications, said that there was a complaint about DaVinci’s, and they voluntarily closed immediately to take care of the complaint. She also told the Sun Journal,

DaVinci’s has been a long-standing, well-respected establishment in Lewiston. It is a safe place for patrons. The city has a good working relationship with DaVinci’s and we are working with them to reopen.

The Sun Journal contacted officials with Maine’s Health Inspection Program, which oversees restaurant operations, but didn't get back to them with information.

DaVinci’s is very popular and has been in Lewiston since 1996. Most people on the Facebook post are wishing for a quick reopening while trying to guess the reason for closing. Guesses range from inspection, illness, kitchen issues, and staffing. No restaurant chooses to close lightly, and we all hope they can get back to being a favorite soon!

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