The recent storm that brought heavy rain and strong winds to New England has caused much damage, flooding damaged homes, cars, roads, and even railroads.

When the ground underneath railroad tracks erodes, it can take the tracks with it, warp the tracks, or leave them suspended in the air with a significant washout. A big washout happened in Berlin, New Hampshire, on the St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad that did just that. Tracks with no ground beneath them.

The Conway Scenic Railroad has its troubles with damage to the tracks as well, but they want everyone to know that they are still open, with just a few changes to the routes some excursions take.

Conway Scenic is lucky to have its own track crew employed with the railroad that runs over the former Boston and Maine and Maine Central Railroad tracks. These people are pros at getting everything on the lines repaired so the trains can run, but it's a lot of work.

Like everything from the recent storm, repairs are going to take time. In the following photo, you can see the rails that remain in the middle of the shot. Crews will be working to get new rail laid after they rebuild the rail bed.

If you have tickets for an excursion, it will still be running. And if you have plans to go and buy your tickets at the station, don't change those plans. You can get tickets at If you have any questions about train rides, feel free to call the Conway Scenic at 603-356-5251. They'll be happy to help.

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