Bob Marley is not happy about Coach Bill Belichick out as the Patriot's coach.

In true Bob Marley fashion, he points out some reasons why Bill Belichick should never have been fired as the Patriot's coach. Yes, he believes that the coach was fired. And he also thinks it's just stupid, and that we will miss the way Bill told it like it was. No BS!

In this extremely funny video, Bob Marley uses a couple of choice words. If you are easily offended by a couple of swear words, just turn off the internet now. But for those of us reeling from the news that the coach is gone, you're gonna love this.

Bob brings up so many good points! Wouldn't you rather watch the Patriots lose with Bill Belichick than win a little more with someone else? Plus, it wasn't all Bill's fault! As Bob points out,

It wasn't all Belichick's fault. If there's something wrong at the chocolate factory, you don't get rid of friggin' Willy Wonka. This year the defense was great. Guess what? The quarterback sucked. Not only that, the other quarterback sucked. And if we ever got a chance to see a third quarterback, he woulda sucked too. Sack Jones, Lack Jones, Mac Jones, and Zippity Do Dah Bailey Zippity Day...they sucked hard. There's no other way to put it!

Listen, Bob's right. New England is going to miss that grumpy pants more than we know. And Belichick did bring us years of joy. It's a lousy way of seeing him go. But as Bob points out, we're still gonna be Patriots fans...forever.

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