After a year of no one hitting the infamous yellow pole at the Auburn, Maine, Walmart, the streak is over.

The latest victim of the ruthless pole was an older gentleman who probably didn't see the pole.

Of course, upon WillEm Felix posting the picture, the number one question was,

How does this happen?

You can see the picture below.

- WillEm Fexlix
- WillEm Felix

America is divided enough. Don't let the Auburn, Maine, Walmart pole divide us further!

Libby Blanchette Surviors of Walmart Yellow Pole
Libby Blanchette Surviors of Walmart Yellow Pole

Comments on the Facebook post range from sympathy for a man who has had his day ruined, to those with pitchforks wanting his license taken away.

I have never hit the Auburn Walmart yellow pole. I can't imagine hitting it, but I've done plenty of stupid things in my life that I can't believe I did.

Are people not paying enough attention? Probably. Should they have their license taken away? That seems a bit severe. It's a pole, not a person. Oh, and pro tip: if you are a tall skinny person wearing a yellow shirt, do NOT stand for long periods in the Auburn Walmart parking lot.

Courtesy Kaitlyn St Peter
Courtesy Kaitlyn St Peter

To be honest, I was missing the Auburn Walmart pole in the news. I'm not rooting for it, but it's just a unique happening in Maine that if you don't laugh, well, you're gonna cry.

2024 has seen the Auburn Walmart pole hit, and down the road, we'll have a total eclipse of the sun, and a crazy election. Buckle up kids, it's going to be one hell of a ride.

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