It's no secret that our furry friends love a good beach romp. My own doodle Maverick's eyes light up every time I un-hook the leash and he gets to run free through the waves and the sand before the prime summertime hours hit and off-leash rules change. Here's some of my favorite beaches the doodle and I always have a good time going to. The rules are super clear, so you never have to deal with the confusion of summer hours.

Willard Beach

Right in South Portland, this one's my go-to. I can easily say this is a favorite spot for tons of local dog parents, which makes it almost a social hour for us too.  Plus, there's a designated off-leash area where pups can socialize and run free.

East End Beach

This one is sneaky yet so much fun when you find it over in the eastern end of the Portland Peninsula. East End Beach is a hidden gem that allows dogs to romp year-round. This one can actually be pretty romantic around sunset time since it's right on Casco Bay, where you can watch all the big boats come in and out of the area. While dogs must be leashed during the summer months, they're free to roam off-leash during the rest of the year. I've actually met tons of friends on this little beach.

Higgins Beach

If I'm not at little Willard Beach in So-Po with my doodle, Higgins Beach in Scarborough is always the immediate second choice. The rocks are so fun to climb, and typically end up making little tidal pools that doggos love to splash around in. This is also what my friends and I refer to as "the surfer's beach" because we constantly see surfers running in and out of the waves. Talk about people watching.

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