I eat and drink plenty.

Probably a little more of each than I should, honestly. But suffice it to say, I'm no stranger to spending time and money on places that serve good food. One of my favorite things on Earth is to go out to eat. Even more so, I try to find new places I've never been to, so I can expand my palate, and my list of spots.

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As someone who makes the trip between Bangor and Portland pretty regularly, it's good to know where there are some good spots along the way. You never entirely know when hunger will strike, and not knowing where to eat can take up valuable travel time. So if you don't have time to seek a place out, you should be familiar with a few travel stops.

Looks like the White Duck Pub in Winthrop should be on of those stops.

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Google Street View

According to WABI, the White Duck Pub  was just named one of the best restaurants in America, by the curators of a popular food website. The spot is known for it's humble and honest approach to pub classics, but with a modern, fresh twist. It's a more sophisticated approach to upscale pub fare.

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There are burgers, tacos, chicken, chowders and salads. Plus, entree versions of mac & cheese, seafood, and steaks. They claim on their website that everything is made from scratch. And that's likely why it's such a hit. There's nothing better than scratch-cooked food. Way better than any chain restaurant by the side of the highway.


One of the owner is a pretty famous Maine native in his own right.

Famous Mainer, Travis Mills, is thrilled with the warm reception to the pub, and commented that people are coming from all over to try their food. And progress won't just stop at the brew pub. There are definite plans to expand. A brewery will be built right next to the White Duck, and should be open later this summer.

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Maine is certainly known for it's thriving food scene, and every year that circle spreads a little further from the epicenter of Maine's food scene, Portland. Years ago, you wouldn't expect to find this kind of dining in Winthrop, or Augusta, or Bangor. But, we all gotta eat, so it might as well be delicious.

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