Another viral moment is making waves at our local Walmart in Auburn, and this time, it doesn't involve the infamous "pole." The current buzz online is all about shopping carts. Why?

I recently was at Walmart and noticed a massive amount of shopping carts in the medium between the parked cars in the lot. I took a photo, posted it online, captioned as "Welcome to Cart Row."

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

Little did I know that a lot of these shopping carts later found themselves in a pile-up within a massive snow bank at the end of the parking lot.

This photo was posted on the Lewiston Rocks Facebook Page by Steph Eldridge.

Steph Eldridge via Facebook
Steph Eldridge via Facebook

At this point, I don't think any of us are surprised when we hear that something is happening at this specific Walmart on Mount Auburn Avenue.

There has even been a mini-documentary produced, which sheds light on the notorious accidents caused by "the pole." It's on YouTube and is called "The Story of A Pole" by CondensedNuts. 

Thousands of people are aware of the silly things that take place at this Auburn Walmart, and now we've got a cart problem.

Tons of commenters are weighing in on the shopping cart snow bank:

I mean did they expect the plow guy to put them away before he plowed


I don’t know what’s more expensive. Them bright poles that everyone seems to hit or the amount of mangled carts in the snowbank.


I think Walmart is lacking people to take care of the carts lately... every time I go I have to take one from outside.. no one is working to collect them or what?


I guess we'll all be eagerly following the developments of the "Cart Bank" and "Cart Row."

But let me tell you, Walmart in Auburn never fails to provide a good laugh or two.

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