It's no secret that inflation has been a major issue for families all around the United States and in New England over the last several years. It seems like during the pandemic, prices on everything came down pretty dramatically.

As a matter of fact, I remember at one point during COVID I was able to put diesel in my truck for under $2 bucks a gallon, but now, it's over $4.50.

As you can imagine, with fuel prices and other commodities soaring to record highs, so too has the price of everything else. From jackets, hats and gloves to dish soap, laundry detergent and paper towels, everything is costing us way more.

Eduardo Soares, Unsplash
Eduardo Soares, Unsplash

A recent article from CBS News indicated that the average American family needs to spend an extra $11,500 per year just to maintain the same level of lifestyle that they enjoyed just five short years ago.

However the news isn't all bad, some major retailers are doing everything they can to help combat the nasty effects of inflation.

One of those retailers, which just happens to have a pile of locations throughout New England, is Target.

Shabaz Usmani, Unsplash
Shabaz Usmani, Unsplash

According to Fox Business, Target is preparing to launch a whole new brand of items, called Dealworthy, that will be drastically cheaper than some of the others. The report says that they will be comprised of a bunch of different items ranging from apparel, electronics, beauty accessories and home items.

The best part about this new brand?

According to Fox Business, a bunch of items will start at just $1.

Target went even further to say that most of these items will be priced under $10, the news article stated.

Fox Business explained that most families are spending $1,019 more per month on household items compared to just three years ago.

Target explained that even with the new electronics, some of the Dealworthy items will be up to 50% cheaper than current Target brands. Their goal is to entice current shoppers to stay with Target, as well as attract new customers to their stores.

Maine has 6 Target stores: Auburn, Augusta, Bangor, Biddeford, South Portland and Topsham.

In New Hampshire, there are Targets in Bedford, Concord, Greenland, Hooksett, Keene, Nashua, Salem, Somersworth and West Lebanon, while in Massachusetts, there are 45 stores.

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