Is there a mystical world out there besides the one we know?

Over the course of the years there have been several reported sightings of a creature known as Bigfoot. Now, a new supposed sighting from Oct. 10 has taken over the internet.

Shannon Parker and her husband Stenson were traveling on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad train in Colorado when they caught sight of what might be Bigfoot.

Shannon told The Denver Gazette she and Stenson were seated near the back of the train when they spotted some mysterious movement along the mountainside.

The couple tried to take a closer look out their window and noticed the creature was walking on two feet, which is when the person sitting beside them began filming.

Check out the alleged video of Bigfoot, below:

The footage has sparked a mix of awe and disbelief online.

"I think it’s Chewbacca from Star Wars!" one person commented under the video.

"Definitely him ... I saw him at a bar later on and he shared the entire story. Fascinating dude," another commented.

"That’s just my buddy Eric, he does this on most Tuesdays," someone else joked.

"I believe!!!" one person wrote.

"It’s clearly Bigfoot," another tweeted.

"Honestly, it looks pretty legit," someone else weighed in.

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Shannon told The Denver Gazette that she and her husband had never believed in the creature until their sighting on the train, and that "seeing was believing."

However, she also noted that many people on the train did not notice the mysterious figure. When she showed the video to train employees, they told her they had never seen a creature like that in that area before.

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